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Alan Langdon

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The following text and images were kindly supplied by Alan's son, Drew on 09/05/2017

Alan started his racing career in 1968 with the family ski boat; a 14' Shakespeare with a 50hp Red Band Mercury at the South Devon Watersports Club on the Coombe Cellars circuit.

After a season he was hooked and progressed to a Hook 'H' Craft made locally at Starcross. After many successful club races Alan had a string of Bristol's with Mercury, Carniti and Koenig power. The first Bristol purchase was a Bristol that had sunk in the Rouen 24hrs having been run over by a barge. I remember this boat well as it later became my very own first craft when I was a teenager. It had propeller marks on the port quarter, steering wheel and starboard side of the screen flange. Apparently there was a similar mark on the previous owners helmet who survived a close shave when a fellow competitor jumped across the top of the boat.

Alan soon started racing Nationally with the Bristol monohulls and later moved on to catamarans. One of his cats was built by Fletcher for the OI class and had a Johnson V4 allegedly from Clive Curtis' Hummingbird, winner of the Paris 6hrs.

Alan’s forte was in SE Class and it all began one day while racing at Chasewater. He enquired about the new Johnson 65 which was on their work's cat. He was offered a test drive and produced a lap time which made a good impact on the Work's Team. So much so, that he did not buy an engine but was offered a drive for the team next season.

Alan then drove the works Johnson 65 SE Shultz Hydro-Cat and later drove the Clerici Johnson 70 & 75 in SE and OE class alongside Roger Jenkins who drove in the works Evinrude SE Clerici. The next few seasons followed very competitive racing between the pair. In addition to his Alan drove other boats in the endurance races one being a Molinari in the Rouen 24hrs.

The battles continued between Alan and Roger; one day at Chasewater ending up with the two colliding. They were racing side by side and while Alan was in front with Roger just behind, the main steering pin on Alan's Johnson sheared, His boat took off, flipped and landed on top or Roger's as he passed beneath it.
Alan raced at all the National Circuits at that time including, Coombe Cellars, Exmouth, Chasewater, Iver, Holme Pierrepont, Bristol Docks, Windemere Endurance and Fairford. In addition he competed in the Paris 6hrs, Rouen 24hrs, Berlin 3hre & 6hrs, Amsterdam, Belgium, Lapland, Lac Leman Geneva and Milan.

Alan's results for 1972 were:
1st Great Britain Grand Prix
2nd 6 Studen Berlin
4th 6 hrs de Paris
1st Chasewater 500
2nd Champion of Champions Index of Performance
2nd Great Britain Grand Prix Index of Performance
2nd Chasewater 500 Index of Performance

When Alan finished racing as a works driver he bought the Johnson Clerici and continued to race nationally for a few seasons until his unfortunate flying accident.

His legacy continues, myself having had my first Bristol NE as teenager and now racing in Marathon and Class V1 with my eldest son Ali, having raced with me also in Marathon and several CTC’s. Ali is now joined by his girlfriend Lucci Levi where they also compete in the Marathon Class together. My youngest son Dom has been racing recently in Thunder Cats in the UK, Gibraltar and Malta. The three of us also regularly compete at our local Club in Exmouth, The Exe Powerboat and Ski Club, with Bristol T850’s just as Alan started off at the beginning of our three generations of Powerboat enthusiasts and racers. My wife Judy witnessed my very early days racing at Exmouth and now supports the three of us in the UK being a regular Team Member at overseas competitions in Europe and the Middle East.

The three photos above were taken at Coombe Cellars, 
the South Devon Watersports Club. 
Alan is in no.8, the H Craft. 
In the background is Venus, driven by Bill Brown. 
Drew, Alan's son, was one of the time keepers.
Alan in boat No.8 Bristol Koenig at Dawlish sea front. 
The boat on his inside is Roger Hook 'The Jolly Roger
who was the Uncle of Nigel Hook, 
who Drew raced against in P1 for a number of years 
in Europe. Nigel now races the Lucas Oil boat in the USA.
Alan in 67 private entered Clerici, at Bristol with 
George Higgins behind, another local 
from Devon, in a Barracuda.
Also at Bristol, in a works Clerici.
Works Clerici at Fairford.
Works Schulze - dont know location.
Works Schulze after hitting a barge at night in Rouen 24hrs.
The works Clerici after landing on top of Roger Jenkins at Chasewater.
Paul Wilde, Roger Jenkins & Alan. I think this was one of the Rouen 24hrs.
 Alan (SE), Andre Dierckx (OI) & James Beard (ON), 
Class winners at the British Grand Prix Chasewater.
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