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The following article was supplied by Fred Hauenstein, photos from Kathy Hauenstein. February 2017.


Jim Hauenstein’s Arcadian Racing Team probably had its genesis with his father’s interest in outboard racing. When Jim and his brothers were old enough (age 16) they also started racing boats, which became a life-long obsession.

Jim won the Outboard National Championships in 1963, 64 and 72. He also set outboard speed records in excess of 120 MPH. During a time when he was minimally involved in racing, he established a very successful trucking company, Arcadian Motor Carriers. As he became comfortable with the trucking business, he re-entered outboard racing at the top level, Formula 1 racing.

Initially the Arcadian Team featured Ken Stevenson as its driver. As it became obvious Arcadian could compete at the top level, Jim added Johnnie Sanders to the team. In 1982 a world-wide Formula 1 race was held in Nassau, Bahamas, attracting teams from Europe and the USA. The Arcadian Team participated and finished first and second in a field of 33 Formula 1 entries. As a result, the team was drawn to international Formula 1 racing and over the years Jim brought on Jon Jones, Morton Bjerknaes, Phil Duggan, Mark Wilson, Steve Kerton and others as Arcadian drivers. Jim even drove in endurance races such as Rouen, Paris, Parker, etc himself. Jim particularly enjoyed the 24-hour race at Rouen where he could demonstrate his strength and stamina behind the wheel.

In the USA, Jim had several top drivers in his stable, including Chris Bush, Don Johnston, Bob Hering, Jim Hering, Buck Thornton, David Dewald, Mark Trotter, Rusty Campbell and brother, Fred Hauenstein in addition to Stevenson and Sanders. Some of these also competed successfully for Arcadian in the international UIM Formula 1 World Championship series.

Arcadian’s list of championships is impressive, including winning a few UIM Formula 1 World Championships with Chris Bush and Don Johnston, the prestigious Harmsworth Trophy, the Parker Enduro and the USA F-1 series championship with Jon Jones and Chris Bush along with numerous National Championships in F-1, Champ Boat, Mod-VP and others.

Jim’s Arcadian Team competed in the USFORA (F-1) series, first racing Johnson V-8 outboards and eventually designing and racing the Arcadian Wizard – a single outboard made up of two 2-liter Mercury power heads driving a single gear case and propeller. The Wizard won the first heat it raced and broke the boat it was on. Then the UIM quickly banned the unique engine design.

Arcadian and Jim were also interested in Inboard Hydroplane racing and won many races in Limited Inboard classes from 2.5 up to 6.5 liter hydros. This led to a foray into Unlimited Hydroplane (H-1) racing where the Arcadian Team designed and built a hydro along the lines of his successful limited hydros, powered by a unique powertrain consisting of eight (8) Mercury 2.4 liter V-6 outboard power heads putting out 300+ horse power each and driving a single prop shaft. The boat was fast but had some technical problems and the effort ended before it showed its full potential.

Through all the years of sponsoring drivers, Jim never actually lost his competitive spirit and desire to race the boats himself. It was while driving in a USA Formula 1 race that Jim ran his last earthly lap.


Jim with his brother, Fred. Austria either 1981 or 82 in which Jim finished 5th.
Don Jonhnston and Chris Bush, Singapore.
Jim in Singapore.
Heading for the launch ramp, St. Louis, Missouri. David Burgess, boat builder; Bill Chatfield, Crew Chief; John Hill, Chris Bush in cockpit, Jon Jones, Don Johnston, Morten Bjerknes. 
Jim in Singapore.
The Arcadian Wizard.
The Wizard, London 1984. Looking on - Francois Salabert and Bill Seebold. Photo from the David Ansell Collection.
In the Pits, St Louis.
Don Jonston, Bristol 1987.
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