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News and Updates

One of the boats in our collection is John Hill's 1990 Arie de Boom sponsored F1 Burgess. Our intention is to return her to her original look. She has had a few owners since John and there is quite a bit of work to undertake to get her back to her former glory. With the support of Alex, Arie's son, work has already started. One deck has been completely replaced and some internal carpentry on that side's sponson sorted out. We have also had the deformable pickles removed and the sponson tips returned to their original style. The next stage is to have the underside black paint stripped ready for varnishing and the hull prepped for respraying.
John racing the Burgess back in 1990
As she looks now after hull renovation
Berylla II Restoration
The Berylla II restoration is well underway. As you will see from the photos, she now has her new Lea Francis engine in place. Original instruments have been found and restored.
The 14 degree angle drive (ex-BPM Marine design) has been carefully dismantled including its 100 needle rollers. Quite an assembly ahead! It is eroded but not worn so a modern low temperature welding process has been used to fill the eroded areas with EN 24 which has been worked to the original shape and in time it will work-harden to match the original. Some minor modifications including modern lip seals to keep the water out.

The hull has had a good inspection and remarkably it has only very few small areas of corrosion. These areas will be filled with Defcon as we are reluctant to weld or replace panels.

Berylla will carry a battery on-board so a modern electric bilge pump (or two) will keep pace with any ingress of water.
There is a picture taken in 1935, on the River Seine where Berylla looks to be painted in two colours. There is some evidence of a dark red colour on the boat which would have matched with the original trim. We would welcome more photographs if there any available, (particularly of the dashboard).

A launch trolley is being made with four 8-inchwheels with rubber tyres. This will help with quick and easy launch and recovery, and will fit on a large trailer, flatbed transporter or container.
Raybuck Electric Launch
Can anyone shine a light on the history of this craft? She's an all aluminium electric launch with a petrol generator, in case the batteries fail. Any information would be most appreciated.
We are still on the lookout for a 2litre (or 2.5) Mercury powerhead and gearbox for the Nordica Seebold.
Also hydraulic trim components. If you can assist with this, or know someone who can, 
please message us at
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