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Outboard engined

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1940s Jacoby Hydroplane (originally owned and raced by Bert Savidge, LOBMBC)
1950s American Neil Racing Skiff - Boiler Maker
1960s John Plenderlieth Hydroplane with Mercury Straight Six
1960s Sabre Craft Runabout
1960s Experimental 4 point Hydroplane (on loan from Phil Rolla)
1986 Seebold ON Tunnel Hull (Chris Bush and Morten Bjerknaes 3rd in the 1986 Paris 6 Hour)
1990 Burgess F1 Catamaran (Raced by John Hill under Arie de Boom sponsorship)
2000 Barnard Junior Hull (Designed and built by John Barnard. Raced by Lauren Gilderdale)
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