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Offshore and Misc

Misc                1A   Cleopatra 34/38
Misc                2A   Thames Police Association
Misc                3A   The Great Liners (part 1)
Misc                4A   Work Boat Exhibition April 1988
Misc                5A   London Tonight Closure of BMM
Misc                6A   ‘Lifeboat’ Unedited 10 October 1990
Misc                7A   Classic Ships (CH4) Britannia Rules
Misc                8A   NTSC American Tape
Misc                9A   Swansea
Mics              10A   July Racing
Pitsea              1A   Ride the White Horses
Pitsea              2A   TV Interview with Julie Graham BMM
Pitsea              3A   Motor Boat Museum
Pitsea              4A   Flog It Basildon
Records           1A   Speed King – The Donald Campbell Story
Records           2A   Gar Wood Racing Career
Records           3A   Footage of Miss Britain III and Miss England
Records           4A   Crusader
Records           5A   The Fastest Man In The World ‘Ken Warby’
Records           6A   Ken Warby
Offshore           1B   Ford – London to Monte Carlo 1972
Offshore           2B   Cowes – Torquay 1965
Offshore           3B   Saturday Express ‘A Brave Victory’
Offshore           4B   Cowes – Torquay 1967 (part 1)
Offshore           5B   Ford – Ride the White Horses 1969
Offshore           6B   Cowes – Torquay 1966 (part 1)
Offshore           7B   Hull – Offshore Power Boat – London to Ramsgate
Offshore           8B   Saturday Express 1965
Offshore           9B   Cowes –Torquay 1966 (part 2)
Offshore         10B   Battle of the Atlantic
Offshore         11B   Cowes –Torquay 1967 (part 2)
Offshore         12B   Cowes – Torquay 1963
Offshore         13B   Hurry West
Offshore         14B   Humble 1990
Hydro               1B   Tethered Hydroplane
Hydro               2B   Building of Miss America X
Hydro               4B   Hard Chains & Prop Riders 1953
                       3B   Virgin Atlantic Challenger II
UK06A              1C   Water sports World 1991
UK06A              2C   Offshore Powerboat Racing - London
UK06A              3C   Water sports World 19 June 1991
UK06A              4C   Water sports World Programme 9 2 August 1991
Unipart             1C   Lamb Unipart – Bournemouth 1989
UK0BA              1C   UKOBA Promo
UK06APRO        1C   UK offshore Powerboat Promo Video
UK06APRO        2C   UKOBA Promo
UK06APRO        3C   1993 Castrol (part 1)
UK06APRO        4C   1993 Castrol (part 2)
UK06APRO        5C   Offshore Grand Prix – Southampton 1990
OCRDA             1C   Needles Trophy 88
OCRDA             2C   OCRDA Promo Video
OCRDA             3C   Humber Grand Prix Powerboat Race
Offshores 90’s   1D   Offshore 1995
Offshores 90’s   2D   Offshore 1994
Offshores 90’s   3D   Offshore 1993
Offshores 90’s   4D   Offshore 1994 Endurance Series
Offshores 90’s   5D   Offshore 1994 Race Boat
Offshores 90’s   6D   World Class I Offshore Championship 1993
Offshores 90’s   7D   Class I 1994 Offshore World Series
Offshores 90’s   8D   Class I 1996 Offshore World Series
Offshores 90’s   9D   Allied Leisure Cowes Classic 1991
Offshores 90’s  10D  1992 Skater Year End Review (part 1)
Offshores 90’s  11D  1992 Skater Year End Review (part 2)
Offshores 90’s  12D  1992 Skater Year End Review (part 3)
Offshores 90’s  13D  London to Monte Carlo Race
Offshores 90’s  14D  Class I Offshore Review 1994
Offshores 90’s  15D  Needles Trophy 88
Offshores 90’s  16D  Offshore 1996
Offshores 90’s  17D  Offshore 1991
Offshores 90’s  18D  OCR Championship 1996
Offshores 90’s  19D  Offshore 1992
Offshores 90’s  20D  Offshore Fast Boats and Hard Waters


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